Not all bird-scaring kites are created equal

Scare’m is the only company that specialises exclusively in bird-scaring kites. Our self-launching bird-scaring kites have been developed over years, are made from the finest, toughest materials and and are tested to destruction to ensure they banish bothersome birds like no other. 

The original self-launching kite

It just takes the slightest of breezes for Scare’m kites to take off.
Once they’re up and running, you can just leave them to do their job.

Unique locking pole – you spoke and we listened!

Scarem is the only bird scaring kite device on the market that has a unique locking pole system –  so no more collapsing poles in hard to reach locations – that’s why our customers love us so much!

Made of sterner stuff

We use the strongest materials – like carbon fibre and glass fibre.
They’re durable, so they can do their job as long as the wind is blowing.

Testing, testing

We built and tested over 120 prototypes before being satisfied we had the very best product. We believe rigorous testing is the key to quality.

Versatile by design

When you choose a spot for your Scare’m kite, you don’t have to leave it there. They can easily be moved from site to site, wherever they’re needed.

Best for boats

Long, bendy poles can cause unpredictable flight and knock the crew overboard. Our Marine pole is short, stiff and strong for the most effective operation.

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