Not all bird-scaring kites are created equal

It has been over twenty years since I first came up with the idea for a Self Launching Bird Scaring Kite. Before that, to keep the birds off their crops farmers had been launching and re-launching kites for many years, a very time consuming and repetitive job! So I began to think about ways I could make a kite launch itself every morning without me having to walk out in the our fields to do it. After working through many ideas I came across an old CB radio base aerial which used to sit on the roof of the farmhouse to keep us all in touch before the advent of the mobile phones. I thought to myself, if I stand the aerial up in the field and tether a kite to the top of the aerial and then make sure the kite line is shorter than the pole, then, in theory at least, the kite cannot land? It worked!! For twenty minutes anyway before the aerial broke and then the whole lot came crashing down, but it worked, the idea was born and despite the critics who will always say, that will never work or that is just another of your crazy ideas, I persisted and over 120 prototypes later, the basic Scare’m was born. 

At last I had a bird scaring kite system that could protect our oil seed rape crop on our farm here in Essex that could be left to it’s own devices without intervention from me and which could launch itself in the morning and put itself to bed at night, not only that but it is environmentally friendly using nothing more the wind to keep the kite flying. A system which now sells worldwide and is used for so many different applications from keeping birds off crops, allotments, gardens, sports fields to keeping birds away from rooftops with air conditioning units and solar panels to keeping cormorants off oyster cages in the lakes in Canada, the list goes on – Scare’m can protect your assets from bird damage. From this design we now have the Vineyard Scare’ms for Vineyards, Orchards, Christmas Tree plantations and any tall crop as well as thatched roofing on listed buildings. The Marine Scare’m which will keep the seagulls away from boats of all types from super yachts to small fishing boats.

What makes Scare’m different from the rest is that protecting your assets from bird damage is our passion, as a company we specialise in Bird Scaring Kites only and we are proud to be the market leaders and a British design at its very best. Our Scare’m are nearly twice as strong as the nearest copy. Our customer service is outstanding, we will not let you down.

The original self-launching kite

It just takes the slightest of breezes for Scare’m kites to take off.
Once they’re up and running, you can just leave them to do their job.

Made of sterner stuff

We use the strongest materials – like carbon fibre and glass fibre.
They’re durable, so they can do their job as long as the wind is blowing.

Testing, testing

We built and tested over 120 prototypes before being satisfied we had the very best product. We believe rigorous testing is the key to quality.

Versatile by design

When you choose a spot for your Scare’m kite, you don’t have to leave it there. They can easily be moved from site to site, wherever they’re needed.

Best for boats

Long, bendy poles can cause unpredictable flight and knock the crew overboard. Our Marine pole is short, stiff and strong for the most effective operation.

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