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Two great kites for the price of one in this kit. Why? Research has proved that frequent changes in the shape of your scarer keeps gulls, pigeons and other flying pests away most effectively.

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Scare’m Hawk Bird Scarer Complete kit System

Protect your assets from bird damage with a Scarem Hawk Complete kit The original and still the best, the Scarem Hawk Complete Kit is by far the toughest and strongest kite on the market and comes with an additional colourful delta kite that can be alternated with the Hawk Kite.

• Tethered Scarem Hawk Complete scares pest birds away by constantly weaving and hovering
• Full kit includes Hawk kite, Delta kite, Unique locking telescopic pole and line, ground post and accessory pack – full range of spares available
• Highly effective, an ideal solution for playing fields, landfill, industrial roofs, crops etc
• Quick to assemble & low maintenance, however it should not be left out in high winds
• Unique locking pole so it will not collapse or slip down
• Quietly patrols 24/7 mimics a bird of prey, under which pest birds will not go.
• Protects approximately a 400 square metre area
• Delta kite can be used as an alternatively with the the Hawk kite for added effect over long periods of usage
• Please refer to the downloads section for detailed usage instructions

How Does It Work?
All birds are naturally afraid of coming near birds of prey. Birds of prey are “Raptors” meaning that they kill with their talons. In order to do so a bird of prey must be above its target so that it can dive upon it and seize it in its talons. The natural in-built self-preservation reaction for pest birds is for them to stay above it and away from it.

When Scarem Hawk Complete is flying it will weave, dive and hover around and above its pole up to 13m from the ground. This creates a life-like, credible threat to pest birds, who will vacate the immediate area and not come underneath the kite for fear of being attacked by an apex predator
The pest birds will not habituate to the Scarem Hawk Complete presence due to the fact that it is always moving and changing height and position, ideal for scaring even the most determine birds, such as pigeons, seagull, rooks, crows and jackdaws.

The original and still the best, the Scarem Hawk Complete Kit is by far the toughest and strongest kite on the market and comes with an additional colourful delta kite that can be alternated with the Hawk Kite if bring used over a long period of time.

The Scarem Hawk kite is reinforced and stitched at all the wear points making it extraordinarily tough. Using carbon fibre struts – it is extremely strong, light and flexible, the kite self-launches, flying in the lightest breeze.

Our reinforced poles are not only the strongest on the market but they also have a unique locking system which prevents them from slipping, ideal for use in arable fields or industrial roof tops or any difficult to access area.

The full kit consists of:
• Hawk Kite
• Delta Kite
• Unique locking Telescopic reinforced pole with rubber caps at each end
• Synthetic heavy duty ground post
• 2-part 8-plait 2mm braided cord with swives and dyneema line and a clip
• Securing line for anchoring during heavy winds
• Comprehensive instructions
• Storage bag

A full range of spares is available should your kite become damage

Had really problems with Seagulls on my factory roof, but since Harry the Hawk has been up the Seagulls have gone to neighbouring factory roofs! Very happy customer, not very happy neighbours! Ali Budd

Take a look at our Scarem in action.

Weight 2.9 kg
Included in the box

1 x Hawk kite, 1 x Delta kite
7 metre telescopic pole with rubbers caps at each end
Synthetic heavy duty ground post
Two-part 8-plaite 2mm braid cord with swivel
Securing line for anchoring during heavy winds
Ground disk to prevent pole from burying itself into soft ground
Comprehensive instructions



If you want to scare off birds, then look no further than the best decoy flying bird of prey system on the market, The Scarem Hawk Complete which can be used to protect many problem areas from pest birds including:
• Brassicas
• Cover crops
• Grass seeds
• Solar Panels
• Industrial roofs
• Thatched roofs, Flat roofs, & Residential roofs
• Golf Courses
• Fish lakes
• Allotments
• Playing fields
• Landfill sites
• Car sales lots
• Pest Control specialists
• Any large open space requiring protection from pest birds

The Scarem Hawk Complete requires open space of at least 100 square metres (10m X 10m) without obstructions such as trees, plant, equipment, overhead cables, hand rails, roof tops, buildings etc otherwise it will catch on obstructions in high winds and become tangled or damaged.

The Scarem Hawk Complete should be installed in a suitable location in clear view of the infested area and preferably at the highest point on the area to be protected, for maximum effect.

When locating Scarem Hawk Complete consideration should be given to quick and easy access to tie-off Hawk Kite in strong winds

Whilst Scarem Hawk Complete will endure winds of up to Force 5-6, if correctly installed, the system should be tied off if stronger winds are forecast to prevent damage or loss of the kite
A full range of spares are available should your kite become damaged

NOTE FOR INSTALLERS . The pole does not have to be set a 5 – 10 degrees angle off vertical to avoid breakage as it is the ONLY pole on the market which is strong enough to stand upright, this also has the added benefit of avoiding tangling when the wind changes direction.
Pay particular attention to any overhead cables and position the kite well away from any overhead obstructions and public roads.

Scarem Hawk Complete must be inspected regularly for any damage or signs of tangling of the tether line around the pole or foreign objects and corrective action taken immediately. Care must be taken to select an optimal position above the pest birds for Hawk Kite to operate, but in a safe position that enables regular access for maintenance.

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