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  • Accessories

    Scarem 10 Metre reinforced Pole

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    Replacement pole for the Vineyard / Orchard Scare’m. By far the strongest 10 metre pole on the market. Can stand unstayed. Extends to 10 metres

  • Accessories

    Scarem 7 Metre locking reinforced Pole

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    Replacement pole for the Scarem Hawk Complete. By far the strongest pole on the market with a locking system to stop it collapsing or slipping. Extends to 7 metres

  • Complete Kite Kits

    Scare’m Hawk Complete

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    Two great kites for the price of one in this kit. Why? Research has proved that frequent changes in the shape of your scarer keeps gulls, pigeons and other flying pests away most effectively.

  • Bird Scarers

    Scare’m Monster Complete Kit

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    The Scare’m Monster has been designed for the biggest fields and, with its menacing eyes and whipping streamers, is super-scary to birds from a long way away.

  • Accessories

    Scare’m Hawk Kite (only)

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    Specifically designed by, and for, Scare’m, the Hawk Kite will dip and recover to imitate a bird of prey. The kite with its full carbon frame is reinforced and stitched at all wear points making it extraordinarily tough.

  • Accessories

    Scare’m Delta Kite (Only)

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    Unlike many other bird-scaring devices, the Scare’m Delta is always changing. It varies its manifestation by altering its flight pattern, speed and height depending on the strength of the wind.

  • Accessories

    Scare’m Base Plate

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    The base plate is for use on a flat roof where a wooden pallet can be laid on the roof. The base plate screws to the pallet and weighted down with sandbags or the like.

  • Accessories

    Marine Rod Holder Stainless Rail Mount

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    The Marine Rod Holder can be attached to a grab rail on a boat and then the Marine Scare’m pole is placed in the holder enabling the Scare’m to fly over the decks of the boat.

  • Accessories

    Wall Mount Bracket

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    The Wall Mount Bracket is used to attach the Scare’m to the side of a building as shown in the picture, enabling you to fly the Scare’m up high over the building’s roof top.

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