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Scare’m Monster Complete


The Scare’m Monster has been designed for the biggest fields and, with its menacing eyes and whipping streamers, is super-scary to birds from a long way away.

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Protect your assets from bird damage with the Scare’m Monster which has been designed for the biggest fields and, with its menacing eyes and whipping streamers, it really is the decoy flying bird of prey and is super-scary to birds from a long way away.  It is our only kite that is not self launching, so it is ideal farmers that like to launch their kites every morning when doing their morning checks on their field and crops.

This is the largest kite in our range of Bird Scaring Kites. This bird deterrent kite is 7 meters long and two meters wide so it will cast a large shadow across the field which causes a nuisance for those pest birds! It has taken a long time to develop the Monster Kite because of the balance between size and durability. The stitching and the material on the Monster Kite are second to none. This makes the Kite last and makes it capable of being launched day after day without fail. The leading edge of the Monster Kite is built using a heavy-duty weave to protect the kite when it lands in the field at night. We have used a fine high-strength kite line to reduce windage and enable the kite to fly higher and for longer periods of time.

We have developed the Monster Kite to use on large field areas where the kite can fly high over the crop and scare Pigeons, Seagulls, Crows, Rooks, and many other nuisance birds away from the crops below. The Monster Kite is so easy to launch, just hammer the post provided into the ground, leaning it roughly 10 degrees into the wind, and then tie the kite line onto the cord at the top of the ground post. Now walk downwind running the line out as you walk (being careful not to cut your fingers on the fine kite line!) when you have let all the line out, open up your Monster Kite, fitting the crossbar at the back of the kite. Now just tie the Monster Kite to the line and simply let go, up she goes!

Here is what Josh Lipscomb, Farmer in Buckinghamshire said about our Scarem Monster Complete
Really good results flying the Scarem Monster Kite, it works well in the arable field along side the Self Launching Scarem Hawk Kites

Please note, that it is not wise to fly the Monster Kite in heavy weather conditions with winds above about 16mph because it is so large and never leave the Monster Kite lying in the field in a rainstorm, the kite will get wet and tangled.  Do not fly the Monster kite near public roads or footpaths or overhead cables.

The full kit consists of:

  • Scare’m Monster Kite
  • Ground Post
  • Flying line
  • Storage bag
Weight 1.22 kg
Included in box

Scare'm Monster kite
Ground post
Flying line
The Scare'm Monster has been technically constructed from heavy-duty rip-stop nylon with a stroind 3.5mm diameter thick glass fibre frame
This 2 metre wide kite with its massive 7 metre long tail exploits the birds' natural fear of objects hovering overhead
The Monster features custom-made joins between cross bar and main frame, while reinforced canvas edging gives strength and durability


  • Reinforced canvas edging to give extra strength and durability
  • Custom made joints between cross bar and main frame
  • Flying up to 59 metres high – provides protection from pigeons for up to 80 acres
  • Supplied with flying line and tether stake
  • Does not upset neighbours or livestock with loud bangs
  • Exploits the birds fear of hovering objects with Scary eyes
  • Will need to be launched (not self launching)
  • Replacement lines and cross bars available from Scare’m!
  • Do not launch near public roads or pathways or overhead cables

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