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  • Complete Kite Kits

    Scare’m Hawk Complete

    £98.99 Add to basket

    Two great kites for the price of one in this kit. Why? Research has proved that frequent changes in the shape of your scarer keeps gulls, pigeons and other flying pests away most effectively.

  • Complete Kite Kits

    Scare’m Vineyard & Orchard Complete

    £140.25 Add to basket

    The ten metre pole enables the Hawk to fly high above your valuable crop in the Vineyard,  Orchard or any other tall crops.

  • Bird Scarers

    Scare’m Monster Complete

    £87.94 Add to basket

    The Scare’m Monster has been designed for the biggest fields and, with its menacing eyes and whipping streamers, is super-scary to birds from a long way away.

  • Bird Scarers

    Scare’m Marine Complete

    £162.25 Add to basket

    The only bespoke bird kite on the market made specifically for the marine environment, the Scare’m Marine is engineered to turn with the tide which prevents wrapping.

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